For Professionals

Nurses, Doctors, Chaplains, Social Workers, Bereavement Support Staff,

Welcome…this blog is mostly for you. I have been working in Perinatal Loss for 13 years now and I see some of the same questions / concerns arise over and over and this is my place to share what hundreds of families have taught me.

If you are now working in Perinatal Loss or you hope to someday, I strongly encourage you to join PLIDA – the Pregnancy Loss Infant Death Alliance. We are a network of professionals who are very geographically spread out using technology and networking to advance this specailty. Join us, learn from us and teach us what you know!!

I am available to speak to hospitals, schools, civic & church groups…I live in the greater Wash DC area.

If you need printed resources or professional training, I strongly encourage you to contact Bereavement Services , the Resolve Through Sharing folks out of Lacrosse, WI, they are great.

If you need Bereavement Supplies (especially memory boxes) I strongly encourage you to get a catalog from Memories Unlimited out of Olympia, Washington…their stuff is the best.

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