Perinatal Hospice Resources


Perinatal Loss Handouts and Education 

Resolve Through Sharing / Bereavement Services  find literature for staff education and the best patient handouts in the world (also avail in Spanish) plus classes in Bereavement Education.

RTS  Resolve Through Sharing  – Gunderson Health System in LaCrosse Wisconsin offers staff education on topics of death (especially perinatal death) that is considered the best available. If you want to advance the level of care your Health System offers, this is imperative. They also sell excellent handouts and other important resources…see their online catalogue.

Perinatal Hospice Resources – the gold standard online web resource for all things Perianatal Hospice. Excellent for parents and caregivers. Don’t miss this site.

BluePrint for Perinatal Palliative Care Program This is a really helpful resource for hospitals early in the process of starting a Perinatal Hospice program. It isnt that expensive. If you feel passionately that your local hospital should start a program, it wouldnt be out of line for you to buy this and give it to the leadership at your local hospital.

Perinatal Hospice Video (English)   Go to Perinatal Hospice web portal for links to 6 other languages

National Perinatal Assoc Position Statement on Perinatal Palliative Care

Article on topic by nurse leaders with links to research

Pregnancy Loss Infant Death Alliance – professional organization for caregivers and advocates

Prenatal Partners for Life – parent support ministry


Favorite Books for families:


Empty Cradle Broken Heart, Surviving the Death of your Baby  here


A Gift of Time – Continuing your Pregnancy When Your Baby’s Life is Expected to be Brief Here


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