Perinatal Hospice Video – one year later

It was a year ago today that I posted my Perinatal Hospice video on Youtube. I (of course) had hopes that it would be seen and be effective, but living it out over the last year has been fascinating.

A very nice lady I know said “Doctors all over town should watch this!” and I internally giggled because I didn’t really make it for people who live/work here and know me (we kind of have that base covered). I didnt really imagine, however, that it would be seen in Kenya, Ukraine, Botswana, Iran or Qatar. My sons tell me “Mom, its the INTERNET, its ALL OVER THE WORLD quit being so amused by this”….but I will admit, as a child of the 70s and 80s where communicating with people on other continents was rare, the idea of making something viewed in 92 countries still leaves me terribly fascinated.

The other surprise was that I expected Canada to be the highest in views after the US, but it isn’t… there have been 491 views in Ireland. There was also a burst of 448 views in Sweden after being posted on a blog that I couldn’t read since it was in Swedish. It is being used to teach palliative care in London, Ontario and nationwide its used as a tool to illustrate Perinatal Bereavement Care during C-Sections.

I am fully aware that videos of animals farting can easily have a million views, so my 8700 is nothing compared to that, but I have great trust that even if one single person saw it in some given place, maybe they were just the right person and will use the idea to give just the right care to some baby who I may run into in Heaven.  To me that is so exciting.

Sweet dear Erin, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your story. It is hard to see your sassiness come through in Rosanne’s gentle pictures, but I knew you were very sassy and you have taken the world by a storm. You aren’t done yet and I adore you.


  1. Marilyn Niemeyer

    My dear Tammy, I have just spent the past hour watching your wonderful 1 year anniversary video, as well as reading through your blogs. Seldom have I respected and admired anyone as much as I have you over these past many years. Thank you for all the work you do, both in loving your moms, dads, and babies, and for understanding the full depth of “sacred time.” Blessings to you, my friend!

    • Marilyn,
      Thank you for your kind words. Im trying to write a reflection about my Clinical Pastoral Education time and since you and I shared those experiences, I will be eager to see if any of my ideas resonate with you.

      It was during the time we studied together that I ran across an article in a local paper about a local “perinatal hospice” opening and I wrote a “process paper” about it for class…I said that this idea would be a part of my life…I wasn’t sure when or where but I was sure it would. At the time, I would have been thrilled to know that I just got to do it…it hadn’t occurred to me that I might ever have the chance of pushing it along to become a cultural norm.

      I always think of you when I tell people to not buy me presents, I usually say something like
      “Except for a starbucks card, please don’t buy me presents, I never like presents except when I had surgery on my face and my friend Marilyn bought me jungle bandaids, I liked that” hahaha…

      • Marilyn Niemeyer

        Nurse Tammy, Isn’t it always amazing how life takes its turns and twists? I cannot help but believe God is so very pleased with your heart’s desire work. I also find it humbling in so many ways. Will your CPE reflections be on this blog (is this page here a blog?? I think I will always be techno challenged…)? If so, i will look forward to reading them and commenting, as well! If this isn’t where they will show up, where will they be? (Make it really simple).
        I hope you and your family (all of them!) are doing well and holding up OK in this awful heat. it is 104 today, as it was yesterday.

  2. That was truly beautiful, thank you 🙂

    • Marilyn,
      Yes, when I finish my essay on CPE, it will be on this blog. My creativity for writing it is currently at zero but Im hopeful that it will rev up soon.

      • Marilyn Niemeyer

        Ah, yes…writer’s block. It happens, and it goes away. Not to worry!

  3. MB

    It’s a good video.

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