For Bereaved Families

If you need this information because you have suffered the death of a baby I’m really sorry.

You are welcome here and I hope that you find my thoughts helpful, but I mostly created this as a resource for Professionals who endeavor to learn how to do this better, so as an individually bereaved person (although you are welcome to read my essays, you may like them) you may not get your needs met here.

I discuss topics here that the people in your life probably aren’t comfortable talking about and in that I hope you feel validated. I am not committing myself, however, to supporting individuals here and I don’t host forums. I encourage you to fine family focused online support  …my favorite is

I highly suggest you get this book.


  1. Allison tratner

    Hello- I’m a coordinator with Postpartum Support International (PSI) and I’m working to help establish a network in the Philadelphia, PA area of therapists or specialists with experise in supporting women and families dealing with fetal anomalies and/ or fetal or infant demise. I’m wondering if you could point me the right direction… Thanks!


    • Hi Allison,

      So glad to hear you are working to meet the needs of bereaved parents in your area. Make sure you are well aware of anyone else in your area doing similar work so you dont waste time duplicating efforts…check the SHARE website and to see what they have listed. In addition to that I would attend educational opportunities in La Crosse, Wisconsin at “Bereavement Services” through Gunderson Lutheran Hospital (some of their very best classes are in August, so check their website now and see if you can plan something last minute for this year or plan ahead for next year). Lastly I suggest you join PLIDA (Pregnancy Loss Infant Death Alliance – to network with others doing similar work all over the world.

  2. Martha Wilder

    I came across your name and blog when I was searching the web for help in dealing with my grief over the death if my husband October 5, 2013. Briefly, we were both retired Marine Corps officers (1995) have a 19 year old daughter, and were married 21 years. My daughter joined the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil service April 2012, and I joined April 2013. I have had an extremely difficult time living without my husband, and am always searching for answers and comfort. Seemed like such a coincidence you were married to a Marine too.

    • Im so sorry for your loss : ( each experience is so unique…I saw GOds hand and His timing in my late husbands life (and death) in a way that I found comforting, but not everyone has that. I dont think, however, that my daughter shares my perception about these things and she seems to struggle more than I do lately with grief. TAPS is good for Service Members even if the loss wasn’t service related. I care for Marine families since were still so close to a big USMC base and I love the kinship that it brings. Hugs to you

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